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Forge of Empires

(4.5 out of 5 stars from 5 Reviews)

Rick H.
Most of the people complaining about FoE being a PTW are the same people who rush levels in other MMO's. Forge is not a quick game to advance through, you are going to be at this for quite a while, it is a marathon not a sprint. Also, while you can buy gems to move faster, join a guild and you will find moving through the game faster.
I love your game. Been playing for over a year. Have spent more on this than any other app I have ever downloaded. One suggestion. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, add and ability to store buildings without the “store buildings” tool.
I love what they have done with the recent update. The z’s for buildings not in the process of production are now stationary making them much easier to see. I am a huge fan of the daily quests. Side quests and event quests have been greatly improved, causing me to play more frequently.
Jason M.
FoE is the greatest strategy game ever created in my opinion. It is the Grand Theft Auto of action to the Call of Duty FPS. When it comes to strategy and city building there is simply no game in existance that can compete.
Brandon Y.
Dont spend money on diamonds. Be disciplined and grow your city. This game has taught me much patience w regards to the idea of longterm growth - which affects most areas of human life.