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League of Angels

(5 out of 5 stars from 5 Reviews)

Andy G.
BEST MMORPG GAME I'VE PLAYED. It has a lot of strategies more than any other games.
Kim I.
I am a free player and I earned my diamonds via fb likes and shares, group buy, and also some other events. Basically I used the diamonds I earned to buy angel of death and seraphim wings and also Vip twice. WIth the knowledge and technique I possess, I managed to squezee into top 12 br in my server. Compared to wartune, Loa is much better because it gives free player more opportunities to become the strongest player.
First off I have got to warn you this game is quite addictive! But, that is the sign of how good this game really is. The graphics are awesome for a free online game and it's nice that even though there are big cash spenders...the little guys can have fun and be strong too since so much depends upon how you build your character, the heros you recruit, and how and what you choose to upgrade, train, rebirth, enhance, etc.
I've played so many games except web game, like LOA, but it was very interesting game that when I started this with my friend. Because of the stories, I mean it contains their own world and happened events were stimulated me to play game more deeply. Even though it is web game it offers the client and it's handful way to get players belong the world of League of Angels.
This is the BEST game ever! i have been looking for this game all my life :) thank you for making it what it is :) i give it 10 stars i think it is easy the best game today of this type.