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World of Tanks

(4.5 out of 5 stars from 5 Reviews)

Mike W.
I have 44000 games played in WorldOfTanks and that says everything about the game and its quality. The game receives constant updates and it is very friendly for lesser systems with older graphics cards. Graphics are Crisp and tanks models are as realistic as it gets. No childish tank models here.
Noah F.
For anyone saying that this game is hard, then there is one thing. Study and get better at the game! What I do is study the game, tactics, and use them. Pay to Win tanks are pretty good, but they are bought by nubs who don't know how to play most of the time.
David M.
Good game but could be great. Artillery vehicles are ruining it for me. Been one shot I don't know how many times by artillery it become a frustrating game to want to keep playing at times especially when you are in a tier IX and your done in the first few minutes. I wish they would come up with a way to select playing without them. That would keep me my intrest for sure.
Paint in hand
I have been playing since 2011 and view this game very good indeed. It's a long haul game...many many tanks to grind and master. I have three tier ten tanks and working on many more. Tier six is used mainly to build up credits to play tier 10s. Give it a try. See you in battle tankers!
Jerry C.
Enjoyable yet frustrating at times. Lot of types and tier of tanks to play. It's a skill based game. Make one mistake, you die. Sit back, your performance will be bad. Learn what the particular tank does best and do it. Patience is key. And watch out for dirty skyshitters ( artillery:D)